Palm Beach Please

I know that most of us are looking towards fall already. I am definitely one of those people lol. I'm holding on to the last bit before it's chunky knits and over the knee boots time again. We still have a good amount of summer left! There is still time to wear white and palm prints, so that’s exactly what I did. Another good thing about summer prints this time of year, is that everything is starting to go on sale! I got this gorgeous top from TJ Maxx earlier this summer, and as you all know, I've been so busy I hadn't gotten to shoot with it, until now! I can't find the exact top but of course I'll leave links to some down below. I paired it with white pants and these metallic slides from Zara. I love white pants and I wish that they were socially appropriate to wear year round. I completely get why they’re not but you know, they just make everything look a lot more crisp.

We took these shots at the beach so getting the frame right and not having any people in them was a bit of a struggle, peep the lifeguard that got in some of my shots haha. Blogging is so not as easy as some readers may think it is. That being said, I’m so excited to write more content in these coming weeks and to break out those knits soon! Also…I’m going to Disney World this November!! I haven't been in 11 years, I was about to turn 12, so crazy! To say I’m excited, is an understatement. If you’re a frequent Disney visitor, let me know places that I need to check out while I’m there!

Palm Knot Front Top    Palm cami    Lauren Conrad Palm Dress

White Jeans    Earrings   Earrings

Slides    Slides


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Suzies Sea Shells Peta Tunic

As most of you know, Show Me Your Mumu is one of my favorite beachy brands. I am a huge print lover and they always deliver! When I saw this Peta tunic I had to scoop it up! For those of you that love Mu but naturally don’t love the steep price- always check their retailer’s websites and social media because they almost always have some sort of sale going on! I found this tunic at KK Bloom Boutique for half off, and I had a gift card! I love pastels, shells and anything flowy- so of course this was a win for me lol. The blues, yellows and pinks running through this top are soo stunning!

I paired it with white American Eagle shorts, and an Aerie light pink bralette. I also wore this amazing lariat necklace from Amanda Deer. She’s on Etsy and I fell in love with her styles the second I spotted them! I wore these really fun slides from Zara, they’re from last summer but I’ll link similar ones below! I shot this look at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Let me tell you, it’s unreal! I also finally got my new lens and I can’t wait to step up my blogging game for the rest of this summer and going into the fall. I am going to do an in depth review of my lens for my Sony a5000 on my YouTube channel very soon! 

Suzies Sea Shells- all styles! (peta tunic) (carlos swing shorts) (mako mini dress) (Sydney Cover Up) (Molly Mullet Dress) (Hana Boo) (Davenport Romper) 

White shorts:




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My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

It's that time of year again all! It's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I've racked up my favorites from this sale this season! Believe me, I know that everyone and their mother has blogged about their picks already. But in case you're wondering what I have my eye on, here ya go! I picked a mix of tops, jeans, handbags (of course) and more! I hope that you gain some inspiration and score whatever it is that you want from the sale this year. If you shopped early already, let me know what pieces you go in the comments below. If not, come back in a few weeks when it becomes available for everyone and let me know then! Click on whatever image you like down below and it will take your directly to the website. There's about three different slides of pictures so just click the arrow on the right if you want to see all of my picks! One last thing, most of what I've linked comes in various colors! So click them to see all the other options! 

Southern Charm

We found the best murals in Nashville! If you haven’t checked out my Instagram- then you need to go see for yourself! Where I live, murals are basically non-existent, so it was really great to be able to shoot with so many of them in close proximity. We found this rainbow wall and it totally matched my dress. I found this dress at TJ Maxx. I couldn't find mine online but here are some similar options! Here, here and here. This floral off the shoulder number was flowy and perfect for the activities we found ourselves running around to. When in doubt, wear a dress. I was never a dress person in high school, and honestly wasn’t for most of college. But I’ve realized they are the easiest way to look put together and be comfortable all at the same time, and if you know me, you know I’m all about that life! I paired it with the same Target boots I wore in the my last post, check it out if you want the link to similar options! (and to see my amazing star jumpsuit haha) I really want to be as consistent as possible this summer, but my schedule is currently all over the place! I will be posting vacation outfits as well as more fun summer outfits when I get the chance this month! 

I’d really appreciate if you guys left any comments or questions you have for me in the comment section below! I absolutely love hearing your feedback and knowing what’s your favorite, what you want to see more of and even what you want to see less of! lol


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Free People Pretty Pineapple Dress

The second I saw this Free People dress,(also here and here) I knew I had to have it! This may sound crazy to those of you that aren’t into fashion, but certain pieces immediately grab my attention and I know I will have them for life. I’ve recently really found my sense of style and have stuck to only buying items that I love. You're probably thinking, "Emily, you're a fashion blogger- what do you mean?!" Well, it took me like four years but I have figured out what works for me and what I like the most! Anything flowy that has the right color and pattern, is go for me. We’ve all been there, we buy something because it’s on sale or it’s cute…enough, and then we hardly ever wear it. I want to find more pieces that I can see myself wearing all the time. I’m clearly going on a tangent, but there are only a handful of clothes I had in high school that I still wear today. I want to look back years from now and still have the same pieces that I chose today.

That being said, I’ve also found that it’s okay to spend a little more on something that you truly love. We all know that Free People (and their sister brand, Anthropologie) is no Forever 21. But, I’m glad they’re not. With these brands, I always find that the items I choose to purchase feel more “special”. Okay, yet again you non-fashion minded people probably won’t get this. But, it’s that special quality that I get with them that ensures they will be lifelong items. So after that little segment, the story behind this dress is: I was backstage at my last dance rehearsal ever and I was naturally distracting myself by browsing through ShopBop. I saw this dress, that I have seen before- but this time it was on sale ($45!!), the last one in my size and the last one in stock. We see where this going. I scooped it up and have loved wearing it ever since. I just realized that I wore the same booties in basically all of my Nashville posts so there’s that. They’re from Target and I’ve linked similar options here and here. 

As much as I love scoping out my nearest TJ Maxx, I have learned that it’s quality over quantity. Especially with my blog posts, but I have to try and find happy medium with that. haha I hope that you all think of one of Vivienne Westwood's quotes, that I find funny- and true! "Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody's buying far too many clothes." 

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I Believe In Nashville

Hey everyone! 

Long time, no blog. lol I have been soo busy since I graduated, I legit hit the ground running! I started my internship and went to Nashville last week. Honestly, it’s one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to. I loved every second of it and can’t wait to go back. I was surrounded by country music for a week, as well as tons of great spots to shoot blog photos at- what more could I ask for?! I saw some of my favorite artists and had the best food EVER. haha All in all it was such a fun trip and I’m glad that I got to experience it for the first time. 

Naturally my first Nashville blog post (there will be 3-4), is centered on the “I Believe In Nashville” mural that has definitely become an unofficial landmark! I have wanted to take a picture near it for the longest time, so naturally Alex and I had to hit it up. I chose to wear the comfiest jumpsuit to the wall. I love stars so I felt it was completely necessary to get this fun one piece! It’s from TJ Maxx, (click the bolded letters and it will take you right to it!) and I’ve linked some similar ones here and here. It's black with white stars and it gets tighter towards the top, which is great because it gives me some shape. Seriously, don’t forget about this trend because it’s not only completely chic, but also very easy. I paired them with my super old Target booties, you can't go wrong with Target! I've linked similar options here and here.  I also picked up this Tommy Hilfiger mini backpack when I was at TJ Maxx. I couldn't find the exact one but here is a similar option! I honestly didn't intend for this post to be so patriotic, but it definitely fits in the Fourth of July outfit category! I am going to try and put up a new blog post and a new YouTube video on the same day, so be sure to check out my vlogs from the trip as well! 

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